Meta Getman

March 19, 2022

Today I’m going to share with you 5 podcast episodes that will help you come to terms with using a donor (donor eggs, donor sperm, or donor embryo).

For me, getting comfortable using donor eggs was one of the hardest parts of deciding to move forward with this path to parenthood.  And for those I work with, it can be one of the hardest parts for them too.

The reason is because letting go of your genetics, grieving the loss of your DNA, processing the complexities of using a third party gamete and coming to terms with using a donor (egg, sperm or embryo) is not something we ever thought we would have to do.  It is navigating a whole new set of feelings and having to work through and process those feelings can be messy, uncomfortable, and hard. 

If you are a podcast fan, like me, here are 5 different podcast episodes I recommend for helping you process through this decision and come to terms with using donor eggs, donor sperm, or donor embryo to build your family.

Podcast Episodes to Help You Come to Terms with using a Donor to Build Your Family

Fertility Warriors with Robyn Birkin, episode "So you need a donor.  Now what?"

Robyn Birkin is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Mind Body Practitioner who helps women trying to conceive with emotional wellbeing strategies.  In this episode of her popular podcast, we discuss five myths of donor conception and what the truth of those myths are.  Listen here.

Embrace Fertility with Naomi Woolfson, episode "Donor Conception the Emotional Journey"

Naomi Woolfson a cognitive hypnotherapist who specializes in supporting women on their journeys to and through motherhood.  During this episode, Naomi and I talk about the emotional impacts of donor conception and how to navigate through those.  Listen here.

Titling Tess with Tess Kossow, episode “The One with Very Very Very Special…Meta!”

Tess Kossow is an author, entrepreneur, and fertility coach specializing in infertility and heart disease.  As a survivor of sudden cardiac arrest, Tess brings a unique perspective to her work.  In this episode of her podcast, Tess and I dive deep into the tough questions on everyone's mind when it comes to building your family via donor.  Listen here. 

Studio Fertility with Bella Hilton, episode “Considering Using Donor Eggs, Embryos or Sperm? with Meta Getman”

Bella Hilton is a mind/body practitioner and founder of Studio Fertility where she supports women going through infertility.  During our podcast together, we talk about how donor conception can be an amazing option for many people.  Listen here.

The Stork and I Podcast with Mel Johnson, episode "S5: E4 Hearing from the US Donor Conceived Council"

Mel Johnson is a solo parenting coach and provides a community of support for people who have chosen to be solo parents.  In this episode she talks to Melissa, who was conceived using a donor egg and discovered this about herself in her early 20s.  Melissa is an advocate for donor conceived people and part of the Donor Conceived Council,  a nonprofit organization run by and for Donor Conceived People. Listen here

Don't forget to download my FREE Donor Decision Guide.  The guide is full of the key questions to consider when your doctor has just told you donor egg, donor sperm, or donor embryo might be your path to becoming a parent.  Click here to download it today! 

About Meta Getman

Meta Getman (pronounced "May-da") is a donor conception coach and mom to donor conceived twin girls who went through 4 IUIs, 3 fresh IVF cycles with her own eggs, and one donor egg cycle before seeing her big fat positive. Now she helps family focused, responsible, and thoughtful women and couples who have found themselves facing a path to parenthood they never imagined: using donor eggs, donor sperm, or donor embryo. She has been featured on multiple podcasts, spoken at the RESOLVE Midwest Family Building Summit and co-founded a community of families who used donor to have their children.