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  • Clearing the Emotional Clutter so that You Can Find Clarity on Your Fertility Journey with Elaine Bogard

In this episode, we are joined by Elaine Bogard. Elaine is a soul midwife and a fertility shaman who helps women overcome fertility obstacles, heal from pregnancy loss and sexual trauma, and become the mothers they have always been meant to be. She’s located in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

We discussed ways to help women recover from pregnancy loss, and overcome challenges to conception, including all of the feelings and pain related to it. It’s fascinating to learn how our emotions can impact our physical bodies. It can occasionally be difficult to understand.

This episode contains ideas and concepts that were new to me and ones that have pushed me to think differently about the world around me.  I encourage you to listen with an open mind and an open heart. 

Covered in this episode:

  • The evolution of fertility work
  • What is the root of stress and anxiety?
  • The connection with the spirit of the child
  • Connecting with the souls of women and babies,
  • Getting messages from the souls
  • The importance of being present in the moment
  • Having the space and awareness
  • The process of grief and loss
  • The importance of being open to different aspects of love

Connect with Elaine:

Elaine Lopez-Bogard is a Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer who helps women heal their wombs to overcome fertility issues so they can finally get pregnant. She also helps women prepare their mind, body, and spirit for the sacred journey into motherhood and create a conscious conception by connecting with their Spirit Baby (the soul of their unborn child.)

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