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The Donor Downlow is an online course plus coaching program that helps you go from "oh sh*t, we might need a donor to have a family" to feeling confident in whatever decision you make. 

Waitlisters get first dibs at joining when the doors open plus some sweet perks on top of it! 


What my clients say...

“The Donor Downlow was a great investment of our time. Meta provides a great path to lead you through the decision process and identifying your values and goals.

Amanda - Client and donor egg mama

“Instead of seeing donor as my inability to succeed, I now see donor as my chance to have the family of my dreams.”

Alyssa - Client and donor embryo recipient 

This course will show you how to...

Find clarity on your feelings about using a donor

Working through your emotions and feelings about using a donor helps you move from your emotional brain to your rational brain for confident decision making.

Become confident in the decisions you are making

Make decisions that align to your values and goals so you can feel confident in the decision you are making about your next steps to becoming a parent. 

Develop a renewed sense of hope and excitement 

Whatever path you choose,  you will move forward with excitement about what your future family will look like.