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The holidays have always been a both/and kind of time for me.  

This time of year is a time I love!  The sounds, smells, friends and family, the lights and the magic that comes with the season.  I love decorating, sending out holiday cards, and baking.  

But it was also a challenging time for me when we were trying for our family because each year was another reminder of the time that had passed.  I didn’t have the family to celebrate with that I was dreaming of.  

In episode 10, Giving Thanks When You Feel Like You Have Nothing to be Thankful For, I talk about the emotional side of managing through the holidays.  

In today’s episode, I’m keeping it a little more light hearted and sharing with you my five holiday hacks to help you through the holidays.  We are talking five actionable things you can do to help you through this time. 

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