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When we were considering using donor eggs to build our family, one of the things that crossed my mind was how my kids, who wouldn't be genetically connected to me, would fit in our family.   This may have crossed your mind too.  Will they be accepting of our choice? Will they treat my child the same way they treat their family members who are genetically connected? 

These are common concerns that many couples face, and that's why I invited my brother, Kenny Anderson, to share his experience as a non-genetic uncle to his donor-conceived nieces (my girls!) on my latest podcast episode.

This episode is the first time Kenny and I have talked about this topic together so you get the raw, real and vulnerable conversation as it is taking place.  And, walking away from this conversation I found that for him, being an uncle to my girls is an amazing gift, one that is not defined by the genetics that created them.  It is defined by the relationship he has built with them as people.  

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