In this episode, we are joined by Elaine Bogard. Elaine is a soul midwife and a fertility shaman who helps women overcome fertility obstacles, heal from pregnancy loss and sexual trauma, and become the

Infertility is full of mixed feelings and emotions. What I like to call the both / and. It’s hard AND it’s beautiful. It’s painful AND it’s fun. It’s broken AND amazing things happen.When we

Lana is a driven and focused woman who didn't have a plan for how she was going to have a family until she met her husband. But their journey towards parenthood wasn't as smooth

Advocacy Day is an annual event that takes place in Minnesota, other states across the US and at the federal level.  The effort is led by RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association in the United

When we're pursuing our ultimate goal of having a baby, it's natural to want to focus solely on Plan A - the path that we hope will lead us to success.However, as many of

To me, infertility = failure. Failed cycles, failed blood tests, failed pregnancy tests.  Does infertility feel like failure to you too? Infertility can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience.  It for sure was

You don’t have to jump when there are stairs. It sounds so simple yet so often we are standing on the edge of a cliff and we think and believe our only option is

In today's podcast episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Makler from Cofertility. As someone who has personally experienced a unique road to her fertility, Lauren understands the emotional rollercoaster that we can

When we were considering using donor eggs to build our family, one of the things that crossed my mind was how my kids, who wouldn't be genetically connected to me, would fit in our

Lemons? The Mind? The Body? Infertility? What does it all mean? On the episode today, Naomi Woolfson from Embrace Fertility joins me as we explore the surprising connections between our minds, our bodies, and our thoughts