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This podcast episode might be years in the making!

Infertility from the male perspective is not talked about nearly enough. The men in our lives are supporting us but they are also going through the pain of not being able to grow their family too.

My husband, Michael, joins me on the show for a two part series where he opens up about all things infertility. On today's episode, Michael shares his perspective of when we learned he had a low sperm count that would lead to IUI, his thoughts on the infertility crossroad of going to IVF to how we navigated made decisions along the way.

We even talk about our WTF appointment where we learned we were going to have to use donor eggs to build our family and a shocking realization comes out about his thought process vs. mine.

This episode is not to be missed and I would also encourage you to share it with your partner too!

Michael Getman is an incredible partner and husband (mine!) and the genetic father to our donor egg conceived twin girls. He is also a scientist who spends his days working in the healthcare industry. Michael has shared his story and perspective with my private clients as well as at multiple Resolve Midwest Family Building Summits.

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