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On this episode of Infertility Crossroads, I share with you the five things I’d do differently on my infertility journey.  

Do you ever wish you had the opportunity to look back and change what you did?  It could be anything in life – maybe you’d study harder at school.  Maybe it would be taking up the flute instead of the clarinet (that is one of mine!).  Hindsight is 20/20.  We don’t know what we don’t know.  And the only way to learn what we don’t know is to listen to those who have gone before us.  

Looking back on my path to becoming a parent via infertility and ultimately using a donor, I wanted to share the four big things I’ve learned and what I’d do differently.  These four things will apply to anyone – whether you are just getting started, are in the thick of it, or are well on your way to becoming a parent.  My hope is that you can learn from my mistakes, make some different decisions to make this process just a bit easier and be reminded that you are not alone. 

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