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Want to know a "fun" fact.  I put "fun" in quotes because the topic of fear of the unknown isn't a "fun" topic but I wanted to share a fact with you.  Did you know that the fear of the unknown is one of people's biggest fears?

I didn't know it either until I started researching for this podcast episode.  

It makes a lot of sense to me though.  Our brains are wired to fill in the gaps of things we don't know.  It's a defense mechanism.  If we don't know something we want to figure it out so we know what to expect, how to manage it, how to prepare.  

When we can't do that, because what we are facing is unknown, our brains start to worry, come up with worse case scenarios so we are prepared for whatever might come which turns into a worry cycle. 

On today's podcast episode, I'm sharing with you my best tips and tricks for navigating the unknowns that come with infertility.  I'm sharing why you are not crazy for feeling the way you are and what you can implement right away to get yourself unstuck.  

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