I have been lucky to be a guest on some amazing podcasts.  Click below to listen to my episodes to learn more about me, my thoughts on donor conception, and to get connected to some other amazing fertility professionals. 

Fertility Warriors: So You Need a Donor.  Now What?

So… you’ve landed in egg donor conception land.

Maybe you’ve been slammed with the news from your Fertility Specialist, or you’re starting to suspect that you’re just not going to get pregnant with your own eggs/sperm/embryos.

Are you a hard no? Maybe you’re a maybe. Are you a yes but absolutely and completely terrified.

Well… if you’re EITHER of those things, you need to tune into this episode with Meta Getman. 

Embrace Fertility: Donor Conception - The Emotional Journey

In this 50 minute interview, Naomi from Embrace Fertility and I talk about all things donor.  

How I felt when I first learned about donor conception and how at one point I said "no way am I going to use a donor." 

How choosing to use a donor is a big decision and how to get into the right frame of mind to make that decision.

And more! 

Studio Fertility: Considering Using Donor Eggs, Embryos or Sperm?

The options for creating families these days has gone far beyond natural conception, adoption or IVF.

Which brings so many more opportunities for us to create our families when we otherwise wouldn't be able to.

There is donor eggs, embryos, sperm and even surrogacy.  But these options also bring with it a tonne more questions and crap load more emotional considerations.

Join us as we talk through all the questions that come up about donor conception.  

Titling Tess: The One With Very Very Very Special...Meta

Infertility is a sisterhood unlike anything else.  One might even go so far as to say it's the worst club with the best members.  Beyond thrilled to welcome the incredibly intelligent, and gracious coach, Meta Getman to the show!

Join us as we talk through all the questions that come up about donor conception.