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In today’s podcast episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Makler from Cofertility. As someone who has personally experienced a unique road to her fertility, Lauren understands the emotional rollercoaster that we can go through to build our family. That’s why she’s on a mission to revolutionize the egg donor and egg freezing process. During our chat, Lauren shares her own medical journey to having her daughter and how that experience, combined with her passion for healthcare start-ups, led her to co-found Cofertility, a platform that connects families with high-quality egg donors. But what sets Cofertility apart is that while helping families who need egg donors find diverse and high quality donors, they are also educating and supporting women in preserving their fertility through egg freezing.  They take a personalized approach, provide education to intended parents and egg donors and are advocates for making the egg freezing and egg donation process simple, easy, and accessible.Lauren’s story is inspiring, and Cofertility’s approach is truly revolutionary. 

Lauren Makler is the Co-founder and CEO of Cofertility. She previously founded Uber Health, a product that enables healthcare organizations to leverage Uber’s massive driver network in improving healthcare outcomes through patient transportation and healthcare delivery.  Lauren’s winding road of a fertility journey led her to believe that everyone should have the opportunity to freeze their eggs –and that there should be better access to egg donors. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their miracle baby girl.

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