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March is Surrogacy Awareness Month and what better way to kick off the month is this episode all about surrogacy!

Today I’m joined by surrogacy expert and mom via surrogacy, Jessie Jaskulsky. Jessie experienced the devastating loss of her son at 22 weeks pregnant which led to secondary infertility and learning about her inability to carry a pregnancy to term. She chose surrogacy as the route to build her family and with the help of two beautiful surrogates she now has her two daughters. Jessie now owns Surrogacy Simplified where she helps her clients navigate all the different elements of surrogacy and helps relieve some of the stress that comes with this path to parenthood.

Jessie and I dive into all things infertility, surrogacy, what to consider when thinking about this path, and talk about resources available for you.

After a devastating 22-week pregnancy loss that led to secondary infertility, Jessie spent years trying to complete my family and ultimately had both of her daughters through surrogacy.

Through Jessie’s journey to becoming a mom, she felt as if there was an obstacle at every turn.

Jessie founded Surrogacy Simplified, a boutique surrogacy consulting and white glove concierge, that helps Intended Parents start or complete their family through the selfless gift of surrogacy. Jessie takes care of all the details, big and small, allowing her clients to truly enjoy this pathway to parenthood. 

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