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  • 55. As a Parent to Donor Conceived Kids, This is Why it is Vital You Tell Them Early and Often

I’ve been seeing in Facebook groups recently comments about how people who are choosing to use donor eggs, donor sperm, or donor embryo don’t want to tell their kids they are donor conceived.

To be very clear – I 1000% believe that not telling your children or future children they are donor conceived is not an option and if you feel that way then donor conception is not for you.

What I do talk about on today’s episode is that a lot of these feelings come from fear and shame and when we work through those feelings, it makes all the difference.

Join me as we talk about these hard feelings, how you can navigate them and work through them so, if you decide donor is the right path for you, you will be excited and confident talking about your child(s) conception story.

Resources from this Episode:

Episode 36: Lindsay’s Story: Being Donor Conceived and an Advocate for Donor Conceived People

Did your doctor just tell you that you need to use a donor?

Or, you think donor might be on the horizon but you are not sure yet?

Or, you already know you need to use a donor but you want some more help processing the idea.

Go to ⁠https://metagetman.com/crossroads ⁠to get a free copy of my guide “My Doctor Just Said Donor, Now What?”

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