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Today, I’m going to take you on a deeply personal journey. We’re going to dive into the pivotal decision that has transformed the last six months of my life, and I believe it could be a game-changer for you too.

Burnout Revelation

About six months ago, I found myself at a crossroads – the demands of my corporate job, wanting to be more present with my family, and everything I was doing for my clients and coaching business were running me ragged.  I was doing too much and I knew it.  But, recognizing burnout in myself, despite being a fertility coach and helping so many of you with this, was a unique challenge. It wasn’t until my husband encouraged me to slow down, take stock, and make the changes necessary to reclaim my well-being that I actually took action.

The Decision To Pause

Acknowledging burnout is one thing; taking decisive action is another. I made a courageous decision to hit the pause button on various aspects of my life. I stopped taking new clients, put my podcast on hold, and made adjustments in my corporate role. This intentional break wasn’t just a hiatus; it was a deliberate move to reclaim my mental and emotional equilibrium.

What followed was a period of intentional break, where I started being selective with my commitments. Saying ‘no’ became more frequent than saying ‘yes,’ a counterintuitive strategy in a world that often celebrates perpetual busyness. During this time, I focused on my family, a conscious effort to be more present in the precious moments I had worked so hard to build.

Despite missing my community, my podcast, and my clients, I persevered through the challenges, understanding that self-care was non-negotiable for true effectiveness.

As the summer came and went, I had initially planned to return in September. However, the persistent exhaustion lingered, leading me to the courageous decision of extending my break. This choice, though difficult, brought unexpected joys – the luxury of time for self-care and family, and a chance to rediscover the joy in everyday moments.

My return to coaching and podcasting activities wasn’t abrupt. It was a gradual, considered process. The break, though extended, proved transformative. I found myself on the upswing, with creativity flowing, excitement reignited, and a newfound appreciation for my work and community.

Taking A Step Back Is The Game Changer

As your infertility journey continues, burnout is a real issue.  We go, go, go from one treatment to the next hoping the next one will be the one that works.  A lot of times we ignore the pain, the grief, the loss of each failed cycle because we just want to “keep the hope” or keep pressing forward.  It I important, though, to recognize burnout in infertility and where you are today.  Because a burnt-out mind is not in the best shape to tackle the complexities of fertility decisions.

While I acknowledge the urgency that comes with fertility treatments, I want to encourage you to reframe what you are telling yourself.  Taking a break is not a complete halt but a strategic move towards healing, rest, and gaining clarity on family-building goals. In the midst of decision fatigue, a strained relationship, or a stressed-out body, taking a step back might be the most powerful step forward.

An Invitation for a Break

I invite you to reflect on your own journey. Are you feeling burnt out, not just from the fertility treatments but from the broader landscape of life? My story serves as a beacon, a reminder that sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is to press pause.

I encourage everyone to prioritize self-care, to take that break, and to recognize that healing and moving forward often take unexpected forms. My journey over the last six months isn’t just a personal revelation; it’s an invitation for you to embark on your paths of renewal and rediscovery.

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