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We used an anonymous donor. I'd do it differently if I could. This topic is a very personal one for me. Because the choice we made to use an anonymous egg donor is one that I felt guilty about for a long time. It's something that impacts my children in ways I never thought about.

But I also think it is incredibly important to talk about it. Talk about what I've learned since that decision was made. Be open to having these hard conversations and be open to learning, growing, and exploring how we can continue to do better.

If you used anonymous donor or if you are thinking about using anonymous donor, this episode is for you.

During the episode I talk about my own decision making process, how I feel about it now, what I've learned, how we can support our kids going forward, plus some good resources and organizations to listen to and learn from Donor Conceived People.


Resources discussed during the episode:

Donor Conceived Council and Donor Conceived Council on Instagram

Donor Conceived Support and Donor Conceived Support on Instagram

Made to Wonder: Race to End Anonymous Donation 2022 - you can still donate to Donor Conceived Council and Donor Conceived Support through this link.

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