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  • Why Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month Feels Hard

Why has pregnancy and infant loss awareness month felt hard for me? Because I don’t fit into what I perceived a loss had to be.

I didn’t have a miscarriage.  I didn’t have an infant loss.  And I feel incredibly grateful that is the case. 

But I did have loss along the way. 

I had 7 unsuccessful cycles of treatment for infertility.  I had 3 IVF cycles that all resulted in embryos being transferred and no baby. 

I felt and grieved what could have been for those embryos but didn’t allow myself the freedom to truly grieve it as a loss. 

In the episode today I share my story and talk about how all of our losses whether they fit into what society tells us is loss or not can still impact us deeply.  And I honor all the losses that come along with this journey to becoming a parent. 

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